Keith Urban Not Out of Rehab

God, he’s in, he’s out. Stay in one place, and finish your damn treatment! Bumpshack reports that Urban was merely paying a visit to Nic.

Keith Urban is still in rehab according to his representative. Urban was in Australia for the Christmas holiday and a conjugal visit with hottie wife Nicole Kidman.

“Keith is on a leave in Australia to be with his family during the holidays,” Urban’s publicist, Paul Freundlich, tells the Associated Press. “This is a natural occurrence at this point in his treatment. He will continue with his rehab upon his return.”

You can leave rehab to get laid? Is this common, or just because he’s famous? I think there’s a misconception that it’s like a monastery where there’s no fun. If drunks and junkies knew there was sex to be had, it might make getting right with yourself more appealing. Is there a bar, too?