Keith Olbermann Quote Of The Day

June 15th, 2006 // 6 Comments

This is why we love Keith:

“Rita’s (Cosby) nice,” Olbermann wrote to a fan from his MSNBC E-mail account, “but dumber than a suitcase of rocks.”


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. A suitcase of rocks with the weirdest frickin’ voice on television. It hurts me to hear her. I want to give her some halls or something.

  2. KittyLiterati

    Rita Cosby’s horse chompers drive me insane.
    But if it came down to Rita, Ann Coulter and Hilary Duff as the three favorites for the Triple Crown, I’d put my money on her.

  3. blah

    Who’s Rita Cosby?

  4. Andraya Trybus

    HAHAHA! What a hoot! Here’s one Keith:

    “She’s as sharp a pound of wet leather”.

    Anybody got any good ones?

  5. louis

    LOL, she does sound like an idiot but shes not really i mean she does give good news reports

  6. Gen

    Thats not funny, How can a so-called “dumb” person win emmys? She the best journalist ever

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