Keith and Nicole Reunited Cuz’ Rehab Feels so Good

December 27th, 2006 // 5 Comments

Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban have reunited after his stint in the booze pokey, according to Showbuzz.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have reunited in the actress’ hometown of Sydney after the Australian-reared country singer completed treatment for alcohol abuse, media reports said Wednesday.

Urban, 39, checked himself into a rehabilitation treatment center in the United States in October, with Kidman by his side. He flew into Sydney on Tuesday, Australian Associated Press reported.

Cameras caught Kidman, also 39, and Urban holding hands as they left the United International Pictures office Wednesday. The couple said nothing to the media as they walked to a car and were driven away.

Lenny Kravtiz would never have done this to her. He would have messed around on her, but the ladies love Lenny so much Nicole probably would have been entranced enough to make sure he had condoms beforehand.

By J. Harvey

  1. Sick of the crap

    Too bad Keith is not finished with rehab….PR rep followed up this “staged” story later today with a quote that Keith is only on leave, and will return to rehab after his stay in Oz. Anyone who thinks this rehab stint was just for alchohol needs to contact me for the bridge Im looking to sell.

  2. tighteyes

    nicole is so shiny and tight!

  3. dmumsie

    She must be sandblasted and oiled daily! What’s with frumpy and cutsey-cute girly trims? Sheese this is a bad look for anyone!

  4. roxy

    I agree with the staged reunion…when Amanda Wyatt’s story hit the masses, his PR people probably hauled Keith Urban’s sorry ass out of rehab and put him on a plane to Nicole to make it all look nicey nice. It’s probably all BS but it does damage….even if it appears in the British equivalent of the National Enquirer. I can’t wait for Amanda Wyatt’s rebound story…if there’s any truth to her story, I would suspect she’d come out hitting with some “real” details.

  5. cricket

    Good Lord she looks so fugly.Poor Keith no wonder he took up with Amanda.Nicole looks like a cheap plastic mannequin,she probably has all the warmth and emotions of a mannequin too. Keith Urban is far too good for her.He should do what Tom Cruise did. Dump her on her bony ass and marry a real woman who can have his baby.

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