Keith Urban Rocks Out In A Train Station For Surprise Concert

Passengers at Penn Station got a big surprise today when Keith Urban staged a surprise concert. Then he hopped a train to Philadelphia with 50 lucky audience members who got a private show before Urban hit Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. The concerts were held in partnership with Amtrak to promote the singer’s new album Get Closer today…get it, trains?! Cheesy: yep! But fun!

“I’ve never performed on a train,” Urban told PEOPLE. “I’m not even sure how I’ll be able to stand!”

“I finally made it to Penn Station – to heck with Madison Square Garden,” Mr. Nicole Kidman joked to the crowd. “I can check this off my bucket list now.”

Do-gooder Urban had a great sense of humor about the event, joking to the audience, “I want to thank you all for missing your train today.”