Keira Knightly Will Sue Your Ass For Speculating About Her Weight

BBC News reports that Keira Knightley is sueing a British newspaper for claiming she has anorexia.

Actress Keira Knightley has begun legal action against a newspaper publisher over suggestions she has lied about having an eating disorder.
The Daily Mail published a photograph of the 21-year-old on a beach, with remarks about her weight, in an article about a girl who had died of anorexia.

Ms Knightley claims the article implies she has been dishonest in denying having any such problems.

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In a statement via her lawyers, Ms Knightley said she would also challenge the suggestion that she is responsible and to blame for the tragic death of the teenage girl by setting a bad example.

I’m in her corner for being bullshit that the paper claimed she was responsible for the girl’s death. But if all these stick women start getting litigious whenever someone speculates that they have an eating disorder, that’s going to be a lot of fatigued, shivering, bony celebs asking that the heat be turned up in the courtoom and instructing their lawyer that some hot water with lemon is fine and it’s ok, I had a handful of sunflower seeds on the way over, and then asking if sunflower seeds are fattening and then quickly exiting to vomit.