Keira Knightley Is Stunning

April 24th, 2006 // 7 Comments

The Oscar nominated actress is gorgeous in this shoot for Vogue. However, beauty does not always ensure grace. This is where Isaac Mizrahi comes in.

Keira Knightley has enlisted the talents of fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi for her new film role – because she struggles to walk gracefully in her character’s high heeled shoes. The actress plays a French merchant’s wife in dark love story Silk – but needed lessons from the stylist to help her master the uncomfortable footwear. Mizrahi says, “I wanted her to put her weight back then walk foot first, foot first, nice and slow. “She is so much better already.”

Wasn’t Miss Jay available?

More photos of Keira Knightley from Vogue, after the jump.

Knightley Gets Lesson On How To Walk In Heels [contactmusic]

(Images via Keria Seduction)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    I admit it. I do not think Keira Knightly is ‘all that.’ I think she is a scrawny british bitch (according to what the press says- she is a raging shrieking high strunk hyenna) that isn’t that great of an actress who happened to be in a good indie (Bend It Like Beckham) who has ridden her 15 minutes more like 27…

    Sorry Keira lovers. She bores me… Apparently she bores you too because I’m the only one to comment on this post.

  2. c.daahl

    i really don’t see the attraction in keira knightley. she looks and sounds like she’s from the ghetto. don’t let the accent fool you. her slouch is not even waifish modely, she just has bad posture!

  3. lilly

    she is sooo jacked up, look at that aweful mouth and those hidious teeth!!

  4. Oothoon

    Bitch can’t act and she looks like a boy.

  5. cesar

    She has a beautiful face, and sounds like a lot of fun. Yes, she’s skinny, but it seems to be her natural figure, rather than a Hollywood starvation thing.

    I just pray she never goes for silcone boobs.

  6. Boo

    She looks like horse.

    So much for calling Prince Willian “horsey-looking”, when she’s no better herself.

    Even though, I admit, she can sometimes be quite pretty.

  7. Mriggs

    well u guys are retarded, i think she can act, and i thInk she is very pretty. u guys are just jeolous, just cuz she can act and u can’t, thats a dumb reason to hate her.. she is the best actress ever, well thats what i think, i don’t think she is ghetto, she is awsome, so u guys don’t need to post rude comments!

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