Keira Knightly Shows Off The Tiniest Waist In The World (Probably) At Paris Fashion Week

Keira's Honeymoon
Keira Knighely got kissy on her honeymoon with James Righton
Keira Knightly in Love Actually is my favorite thing ever, so I have never underestimated this woman’s ability to be absolutely gorgeous and perfect. Now, at Paris Fashion Week, she’s at it again.

Keira Knightly arrived at the Chanel Show during Paris Fashion Week wearing a dress that consists of a boxy black and white half top, a boxy matching skirt, and a black waist hugging middle. The dress shows off the fact that Keira has basically no fat on her body to speak of and owns what is most likely the tiniest waist in the world.

The dress was designed by Karl Lagerfeld, who was in attendance at the show and posed for photos with Keira. Karl’s creation made Keira’s waist look almost impossibly small, and I’m thinking the tight black fabric is just super duper slimming. Not to say she isn’t skinny – she totally is. But the degree of skinny she looks in that dress seems almost too much.

I like the dress, but because Keira is already so skinny, the drastic difference between the parts of the dress almost makes her look a little like a robot. A gorgeous robot, though. The dress of optical illusions, apparently.

Keira was in attendance at the show with her new husband of less than a year, English musician James Righton. The two sat and posed in the front row together, showing us all what adorable newlyweds they are, not that it takes much convincing. I love Keira, and so by default I also love her adorable husband. They’re just too cute.