Ke$ha Wears Her Placenta Around Her Neck And Threw Up In Paris Hilton’s Closet

Singer Ke$ha owned up to a lot of flat-out crazy shit in an Us Magazine interview today. The 22-year-old admits to writing songs “about guys I’m stalking” as well as breaking into Prince’s house to give him her demo (she paid his gardener $5 and she squeezed under the gate, in case anyone was looking for tips).

A quick journey back to the “Tik Tok” singer’s simple, humble beginnings: born in the middle of a party in the San Fernando Valley, Ke$ha went on to do normal teenage things, like guest-star on The Simple Life, sexy dance in a Katy Perry video and throw up in Paris Hilton’s closet at a party before she got her big break. She also noted a strong bond with her mother, who kept her grounded.

“My mom found my placenta and she crushed it up in a blender and made it
into a necklace that I wear everyday,” Ke$ha reminisced. “It’s supposed to make me psychic.”

The interviewer then draws comparisons between the pop singer and Lady Gaga. They’re both blonde! And they both like kissing girls! And Ke$ha, pictured performing live on MuchMusic’s ‘MuchOnDemand’ television show in Toronto, is obviously making some sort of meta-commentary on the rece$$ion and our materiali$tic $ociety with her performance art.

Hmm on second thought…maybe she’s just plain trashy!