Ke$ha Used To ‘Thrown Down’ With The Band Geeks

Ke$ha may be the music world’s resident party girl now, but it sounds like back in high school she was more of a geek!

The wild child was once Barnard-bound, hoping to get a degree in comparative religion. Usually using interviews to spew out crazy remarks and stories, she shared that she was once part of her school’s International Baccalaureate program and in the marching band!

“Marching band kids are crazy,” she said. “They throw down!”
What was her instrument of choice? At first trumpet, but then she switched over to saxophone.
“It was on the cheesy side, but I played it like it was going out of
style,” she said.

Singer Kesha put on a performance at the school of Saint Valery in Caux,
France on June 9, 2010 sans saxophone, but she still has a little bit of nerd in her, she admitted.

“I’m not very good at it, but, I’ll sit in my bathrobe after
a show and have my guitar player ask me math problems.”