Ke$ha Getting Sued For A Cool $14 Million


 Ke$ha’s former managers are suing the singer for $14 million dollars after they were booted from her career success. DAS Communications used to represent the star until hit songwriter Dr. Luke pushed them out. But Ke$ha claims she was totally within her rights to give them the heave-ho when they didn’t deliver.

Ke$ha, pictured during the MTV
World Stage VMAJ 2010 at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on May 29, 2010 in
Tokyo, Japan.,  was expected to pony up 20 percent of her income to the old label BUT only if she was given a major record deal within a year. The dispute lies in the nitty gritty details: DAS set the eccentric pop star up with Warner Bros. Records but Dr. Luke stepped in and “induced,
intimidated and convinced Ke$ha” to cut ties to DAS in September 2008 and sign with RCA/Jive Label Group instead, who released her first album, “Animal.”

It’s a harsh harsh world…let’s hope this can get settled up “Tik-Tok!”