Ke$ha: MTV Movie Awards 2013 [PHOTOS]

So, what kind of a look do you think Ke$ha was going for when she hit the red carpet at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards?

Ke$ha seems to wearing something along the lines of goth, Coachella with her white face, heavy eyeliner and desert looking outfit. Is she just sad that’s she’s at the MTV Movie Awards and not at Coachella with the rest of the half-naked folks so this is how she chooses to show it?

Ke$ha is definitely someone who enjoys weird red carpet looks. Remember her Dumb & Dumber Kid’s Choice Awards outfit? Or how about that god-awful Baby G look? Oh Ke$ha. Thanks for at least keeping us very entertained. Check out all the photos of her crazy outfit in the gallery and tell us what you think in the comments!