Ke$ha: 2010 American Music Awards

And then… Ke$ha, nominated for AMA Artist of the Year and Favorite Female Artist in the Pop or Rock Music category, arrived on the red carpet. I am officially questioning fashion’s direction in the music industry.

The night started off semi tame, questioning a white train sprouting out of a bussle on Miley Cyrus’ ass, and I was given the false sense of hope that fabulous fashion was ahead with Taylor Swift’s high intense edge. And then the red carpet proceeded on and now… this.

My theory is this: she must share the same hair stylist as Snooki and since it was the pickle princess’ birthday yesterday, Ke$ha had the stylist do her hair the day before. In order to maintain it for the American Music Awards tonight at the Nokia Theatre in L.A., she bought out CVS and sprayed her poof every hour. She used a black garbage bag to protect the dress, forgot to take it off before getting out of the limo and put a scissor to it last minute, hoping to create inventive red carpet style.

Pray for a costume change prior to performance!

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