Keeping Up The The Lohan: Lindsay Lohan And Adrien Brody!

March 17th, 2006 // 19 Comments

A very reliable spy spotted Lindsay Lohan and Adrian Brody leaving Bungalow 8 together, and they were acting all flirty with each other. This was the second time that they were seen together in one week. It’s love, people. I’m sure Adrian is just giving Lindsay acting tips, and well, we all know that Lindsay has only one thing to give in return.

In other Lohan news, the girl is still trying to become the face of something (other than the poster child for teen sluts everywhere) after being denied a Chanel campaign. Too bad there aren’t any hot young straight designers she could sleep with.

Womens Wear Daily hinted last week that the newest addition to Louis Vuitton’s celebrity lineup will be teen queen Lindsay Lohan, and the rumor has gained momentum over the last few days. A source close to Lindsay told Star, “It’s not been officially announced yet, but she’s definitely landed the job.”

Putting Lohan’s face on a Louis Vuitton campaign would be some serious slumming for the label. While your middle class teen may idolize Lindsay Lohan, the one’s with the cash don’t.

Meet The New Face Of Louis Vuitton [Queerty]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. my2cents

    Who REALLY cares!!!! I am so sick of this slut too! These teen queens….what’s going on in Hollywood?

  2. maryanne29

    They should take his Oscar away for being stupid enough to hookup with that asthmatic slut.

    re: Louis Vuitton-what’s next? Hello Kitty Louis Vuitton bags?

  3. tia

    1) Adrien Brody is a great actor. I loved him in the pianist, but his nose is HUUUUGGGEEE !!! 2) im tired of hohan. Someone shoot her.

  4. ShoeSlut

    Tia for president!!!

  5. I would normally agree with you Shoeslut… however, please read Tia’s Tom Cruise post. =0(

  6. design_officer

    uh, when did adrien brody stop being gay, or am i crazy? i thought he came out?

  7. Adrien is weird hot.

    He has a honking nose, but for some reason I find him oddly attractive.

    Lawgirl, I agree with you…Tia has some sort of bi-polarness to her comments, but to each his/her own I should add.

  8. C

    I like Lindsay Lohan but I loathe the coverage the press gives her. I wish she would just stay home for a while. Lindsay could be one of those girls that just has a lot of guy friends… oh who am I kidding? On the flip side, Adrian Brody – big nose but there’s something attractive to him.

  9. tia

    Everytime I comment on here I say what I feel. So that makes me bipolar ??? Fact is im not .. I hate hohan and I love the cruise. Shoeslut I nominate you to be Vice President. :)

  10. bb

    design_officer, Brody has a long-time girlfriend named Michelle Dupont. Before that he dated Sky Nellor (a DJ) and Monet Mazur (actress). Doesn’t mean he’s not gay, of course, but he certainly didn’t come out!

  11. puglovah

    The reliable spy should learn to spell his name right. Adrien with an E!

  12. Silasdog

    The only reason I could see Brody in a bungalow with Lohan is if Miss Ho-han was cleaning his pipes. I haven’t heard anything about Brody being gay, but one never knows. He is a first rate actor, however.

  13. niceenuff

    Plenty of people hang out with Lohan to get some press, big deal.

  14. Abby

    Didn’t LV learn from the fury that erupted about the Whorebag representing Chanel? No one wants to see trash trying to tell us she’s classy.

  15. Anti Lohan

    I cant agree more with the Slumming of LV comment!!

    Lohan is a pretentious wannabe twat who’s stuck at the age of 16 and that mentality – it isnt high school anymore Hohan, being the most “popoular” girl who hooks up with a thousand men, going to every fucking party to be seen and taking pics with famous ppl you barely know will not win you an Oscar. Grow up!

  16. jjr

    I think that kiss he gave Halle Berry on stage made us all start wishing it was us.

  17. Rachel

    Adrien i will never forgive you if this is true. Lindsey, you’re fucking hot, but how could you betray me like that? We’re supposed to be bff, and now i’m in the bathroom burning my adrien pictures and slitting my wrists. I’ll see you in hell.

  18. Elliot

    I think he has a big head. what do u think?

  19. Elliot

    I think he has a big head. what do u think? and peson before me that was kind of freaky

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