Keeping It Real: Prince Harry, Angry Birds And Store-Made Sandwiches [PHOTOS]

Harry & Usain
The Prince raced the world's fastest man.
If there were ever a time to draw hearts all over photos of Prince Harry, this would be it (for now, anyway, until one of him holding a puppy/baby/sloth surfaces).  Harry of Wales played ping-pong with friends during the WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) Festival in Bristol, England on July 28th.  According to The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes, the spare brought along new leggy galpal Cressida Bonas.

A witness said that Harry was “having a real scream” and appeared to be “quite captivated” by Bonas, a model who runs in the same crowd as the royal and his younger cousins.  Festival director Chris Smith told the Wiltshire Times: “He (Prince Harry) was in every bar, and he was seen playing table tennis in the backstage bar at one point. One of the crew challenged him to a game but he declined unfortunately.” 

Yesterday, Harry and the Duke of Cambridge competed in the Jerudong Trophy Polo in the Cotswolds to raise money for Centrepoint, Wellchild and Dolen Cymru charities on Sunday (August 5th).

The boys took a brief break from watching the Olympics (they, along with Catherine, are Team GB Official Ambassadors), but moved the match up one half hour so that they could watch Usain Bolt in the 100m final, according to Marie Claire UK.  Instead of using a helicopter to get to Olympic Park, William and Harry opted instead to drive themselves back to London.

Today, Harry was seen perusing the sandwiches and fruit aisles at Marks & Spencer in London’s Kensington neighborhood, according to the Daily Mail.  A man of the people, that Harry.