Keep Fingers Crossed Ryan Wanten’s Sex Book Includes Pictures

The True Blood actor Ryan Kwanten wrote a sex guide entitled The G-Strategy and gave it to his friends to test out.

“I didn’t tell them that I wrote it, and they got back to me a week or two later saying, ‘Oh my God! This is really helping me out.’ One of my friends said his sex life has never been better! They’ve just taken it as gospel,” he tells Access Hollywood.

He oughta know about sex what with all the vampire lovins going on his hit HBO series. The book is due to hit shelves early to mid-2011. His dream? A seal of approval by our deity Oprah Winfrey.

Will this book be more like Kim Cattrall’s sex book or Madonna’s? I hope for the latter. And I assume the ‘G’ in the title is short for ‘Gasm. Speaking of, check out our gallery of Kwanten and let your mind wonder this Monday afternoon.