Keanu Reeves Looks Sad Heading Home [PHOTOS]

Hey Keanu Reeves! Why so down! Keanu is one of those actors I just don’t understand. He’s not that good of an actor, he’s not that hot and yet, the world is totally obsessed with him! Also, he is 47-years-old. Like 3-years away 50. Like, he still look 30. Well done.

Keanu was spotted last night getting on his motorcycle after a dinner at Spagos in Beverly Hills. Keanu was alone leaving the restaurant, which makes me wonder if he ate alone? Or maybe he met up with that mystery lady we spotted him with. One never knows with the Keanu.

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Rumors are floating around that Cam Gigandet is being tapped to play Johnny Utah in the remake of Point Break, a role first made famous by Keanu. I wonder how Keanu feels about that? Maybe like he’s being replaced? Luckily we’ve got Bill & Ted 3 to look forward to, and we know no one could ever replace him in that!

Check out the gallery to see photos of Keanu leaving Spagos. Do you think he’s as sad as we think he is? Do you think he more just hates paparazzi? We know he’s clearly not a fan of signing autographs. Oh Keanu, why you gotta be so hard to read!