Keanu Reeves Makes A New Friend

January 5th, 2006 // 21 Comments

Everyone loves Amanda Lapore.

(Photo via phototopia)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Robert

    Wrong. Everyone does not love Amanda LaPore. S(he)’s a clubland oddity who has no skills other than non-stop plastic surgery. Frightening in the same manner as Michael Jackson.

  2. omg, i’ve never seen her b4. what a freak!… I LOVE FREAKS. I LOVE AMANDA. Omg, she’s WONDERFUL! WHOOHOO!! GO AMANDA!!!! MORE SURGERY!!! The infinitely bizarre channels of human expression are so beautiful. GOD I LOVE PEOPLE.

  3. King Smart Ian

    Probably just me, but that shade of lipstick makes her look a bit vulgar and cheap.

  4. MJ

    Wait… this may sound like a stupid question. But is Amanda a guy or a girl?

  5. BlueinRed

    Um, I don’t love Amanda Lepore. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

    Amanda is a girl. Who has had surgery. Though the part you’re thinking about isn’t the be-all and end-all of gender reassignment.

  6. bestdress

    That’s just sick looking…Glad I keep me a barf bag near by.

  7. Katie

    Amanda is a transexual. I used to see her all the time in the clubs and just recently, walking down 5th Ave. outside my apartment. Everyone was staring in shock. It’s really gross, especially in broad daylight.

  8. Tilly

    I have seen her too. Let me tell you, she walked in JG Melons (74th & 3rd) one night and I thought the place was going to empty out.

    She is a he and it has gone beyond walking on the wild side, however I think it and MJ should get together, they would be the perfect pair!

  9. MJ

    Ok, so its been established she is/was a he. So, what is her claim to fame?? why do we care? how is she relevant? Basically, I want know how she got her 15 minutes.

  10. OhMyGoddess

    I don’t think the issue is whether this thing is a he or a she, but rather is it HUMAN!!! It looks like it’s been beat about the head and shoulders with a baseball bat!! Or a balloon just one breath away from bursting! Anybody got a pin?

  11. Silasdog

    This is incredible! They are now able to cross a big titted bitch with a large mouth bass.

  12. Don’t call that nasty assed man SHE, that is disrespectful to women in the worst way.
    All that thing is is an IT, it was a man before he/it cut off it’s dick.
    Just plain sick, and all of you who praise such sickness are SICKENING!
    All this fag worship is disgusting.

  13. anna lytic

    …12 posts and not one about Keanu yet…!

    poor beauty and the freak. i love keanu! i wish he’d come get with me instead of that frankenbeast…

  14. h

    Are you sure that’s not Courtney Love??

  15. honeypeach

    Amanda is a fine example of gender reassignment surgery gone terribly wrong.

  16. the wedding planner

    There are really just not enough words to describe what is going through my brian as I look at this picture.

    As I try to type the words, I cannot form them correctly.

    Keeanu looks good though. Why is he with her? him? Whatever!!!!!

  17. Momo

    Amanda Lapore doesn’t shock me. Whats shocking is the state of Keanu these days! What? the. fuck?

  18. Leeloo

    New years Eve bash at a gay party? Keanu is living a wild life, that’s for sure.

  19. kelly28

    Keanu baby, what’s wrong with you? You’re absolutely gorgeous, filthy rich and can have your pick of any woman you want so why the fuck are you showing up solo at bars and later hanging out with a transvestite? I think you need serious help, darlin.

  20. French Girl

    If Keanu is bi-sexual, God bless !!!!
    I hope so, for him and for his girls friends.

  21. dan

    Amanda is a NYC socialite who use to be involved in the whole Micheal Alig (Clubkid, Party Monster etc> scene.

    She became super famous by befriending David Lachapelle,Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson.


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