Keanu Reeves Wants To Share The Music In His Heart

Keanu Reeves is currently promoting his latest film, an action flick, entitled Street Kings. But the star of such action thrillers as Speed and The Matrix is interested in branching out into a new genre of film. That’s right, he’s saying that he wants to do a musical next. According to Keanu, “(I want to do) the whole shebang – singing, dancing, some romance.”

I’m guessing that makes sense, since he’s been in that band of his forever, and he’s probably also encouraged by Johnny Depp’s turn in Sweeney Todd. OK, maybe I’m being too generous with my estimation of his musical abilities, but Keanu seems pretty downtrodden all the time. Maybe a musical is just what the doctor ordered. Buck up, little camper! Maybe he can do a Bill & Ted musical, complete with early 90s air guitar riffs and whatnot. I’m sure Alex Winter would appreciate it.

Photos: Getty Images/WENN

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Photos: Getty Images/WENN

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