Keanu Reeves’ Motorcycle Hit By Driver, He Wasn’t On It

Keanu Reeves often looks sad and confused as we walks around, however, this time the actor definitely had a reason to be. According to reports, Keanu had parked his motorcycle on the street before heading into a Beverly Hills medical office. Upon returning, he learned that woman had crashed into his bike.

Police were there to inform Keanu and hand him he lady’s paperwork. Ouch. That super sucks. Luckily the damage on the bike doesn’t look too bad and Keanu was even able to ride it home. Check out the gallery for all the pics of Keanu, the police and the bike. Hopefully this wasn’t a brand new bike he’d just bought as a 47th birthday present. You know he’s 47, right?

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I think my favorite thing about Keanu is that his face rarely changes when he’s out in public. It’s generally that “Leave me alone, I’m going to either punch your or sit in a puddle of my own urine and cry” look. He even looks like that at the ariport. Still, gotta love him. He is one half of Bill & Ted.

What would you do if you came out and found your bike (or car) had been hit? I’d be pissed. Interestingly enough, I think Keanu smiles. Take a look at the gallery photos and tell me if I’m right. Maybe something has changed within him.