Katy Perrys’s Vagina Is More Popular Than The iTampon

Last night Katy Perry’s vagina was able to come out of the shadows and become a star, when Perry tweeted the following to her 1.7 million followers:

“[I]s it normal to have the reacurent [sic] rash with blisters on my vagina???” Ew. Though it’s not unlike Perry to give TMI via Twitter.

A bandwagon of celebrities got on board the cause, as Perez Hilton tweeted “Let’s get Katy Perry’s vagina to #1 y’all!” causing some of his heavily-followed followers such as Paris Hilton and Dita von Teese to answer the call and then…well, you know how Twitter works.

It wasn’t too long before the starlet’s parts were the top trending topic on Twitter, briefly bumping the iPad (clearly there are no women on the Apple marketing team) down from the top spot.

Apparently it was the work of her producer who hijacked her
Twitter account as a prank. The engagement to Russell Brand was starting to lose it’s shock value. Way to get that publicity rolling!  

Let’s hope Katy, seen on Wednesday leaving her workout in L.A., and her lady parts can continue to unite the world around a common cause and bring us all to action.