Katy Perry Wants To Follow In Gwen Stefani’s Footsteps

Looking low-key on a shopping trip on Oxford Street in Sydney, Australia, pop star Katy Perry recently expressed a desire to pursue the same career path as her idol, Gwen Stefani. Perry tells the Daily Express, “When I grow up I wanna (sic) be just like Gwen Stefani…It’s not a race it’s a marathon.”

Katy expresses her frustrations by adding, “I think music is weird these days, people don’t, well the music industry doesn’t let u grow anymore, everything has 2B (sic) now, so immediate. Like watching Gwen tonight that was a 15 year in the making.”

Let’s just hope the fruit hasn’t spoiled by that point. Cause those are some awful big bananas.

Gallery Info: Katy Perry shops on Oxford Street in Sydney, Australia.