Katy Perry Talks ’90’s’, ‘Roller Skating’, ‘Colors’ Album

Katy Perry tells MTV at the Kids’ Choice Awards, where she was later slimed, about her new album coming out in summer.

“We nailed it,” says the Grammy-nominated singer. “It’s roller-skating! It’s ’90s! It’s Ace of Base! It’s Cyndi Lauper! It’s like all these colors and more,” she says pointing to the multi-colored dress she was wearing. Sounds like a clusterfuck. Check out the video of the interview after the jump.

She also says that she is going to have some best friend’s on the album. Is fiance Russell Brand, seen here with Perry at LAX yesterday a besty? Hmmmm…possible singers that have been labeled her BFFs based on the fact that they took a picture with Perry, include Rhianna and Taylor Swift, neither of which make me think Cyndi Lauper.