Katy Perry & Russell Brand Wedding Is Happening Soon

The wedding between Katy Perry & Russell Brand is getting closer and closer, with the entire family now in India and ready for some nuptials!

The couple is planning on walking down the aisle on Saturday, but when Perry landed in India on Wednesday, she kept a low profile, throwing her coat over her head.

Perry was also spotted wearing a gold chain from her nose to her ear, traditional Indian jewelry worn before and after a wedding. The couple is going to be joined by around 85 guests for the traditional Indian celebration, which began on Tuesday and is expected to last until the main event on Saturday.
These are expected to include Jonathan Ross and his wife Jane Goldman, Little Britain star David Walliams and his wife Lara Stone, and R&B singer Rihanna, who will be Katy’s maid of honor.

While the wedding will include many Indian traditions, it will also feature fireworks, a band and live music from hip-hop star P Diddy.

I can’t wait to see the photos from this shindig! It ought to be amazing!