Katy Perry & Russell Brand: On And In Her Panties

November 7th, 2009 // 3 Comments

It must be true love, right?  Why else would Katy Perry write her boyfriend’s name on her ass during her hosting duties at the MTV Europe Music Awards, which, side bar, was held in Berlin to commemorate the fall of the Berlin wall 20 years ago?  Glad to see Katy understands the gravity of world politics.

Anyhoosie, the costume in question, one of a billion Perry donned that night, was a matching corset and knickers bearing the colors and emblems of the West Ham United soccer team (that’s football for you sticklers out there).  Needless to say, West Ham happens to be Russell Brand’s favorite team.

Brand wrote Perry a very private and tender missive inspired by performance that evening.  Just kidding, he tweeted the following short phrases publicly,”Wow. Now MY GIRLFRIEND has worn a West Ham basque while hosting the EMA’s.  What a day!”

He added,”Yes, I will be taking her to a game – West Ham Vs Everton.”

Is anyone else here suspicious?  These two are a little too open with their relationship and are caught by photographers on the daily.  This smells to me more like a relationship between publicists than actual people.  And it’s working!  These two have gotten more press in the last couple months than in their respective lagging careers combined.

J’accuse, Hollywood!  You don’t fool me with your poorly planned publicity stunts!

Gallery Info:  Katy Perry and Russell Brand taking a romantic walk with the paparazzi near Russell’s London home.

By Nicole Steadman

  1. Mike

    Brand’s career hasn’t exactly been lagging now has it?

  2. Stacey

    Your right Mike! (above commentor)

    The only thing lagging is this “news” report and pictures.

    I read and saw all these pics and days ago.

    Get current NIcole Steadman

  3. rebecca

    yeah i definitely agree with mike and stacey!
    russell’s career is on a huge upswing. he has a bunch of projects…movies, standup, his book was a bestseller etc.
    and katy’s isn’t too bad either. her album was a success, she just hosted the ema’s and she is in the studio again for her follow-up. i don’t think either of them really needs the press.
    i think they are really nice together.

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