Katy Perry May Make Mistakes, But Not When It Comes to Her Wardrobe

Lately, Katy Perry been making some real ‘oops’. After insulting Lady Gaga for being sacrilegious, and then somehow forgetting to wear underwear during her performance in Times Square, she has really been stumbling. But one thing is for sure, the girl sure knows how to dress!

During a string of appearances in Canada promoting her album she stopped at Etalk, seen here sporting a 1920’s-esque fringe swag dress in Toronto on June 18th. She paired it with black mesh sandals, a silver cuff bracelet and her engagement ring from Russell Brand, who made an appearance on the same show earlier in the week with Oasis.

But don’t compare sexuality to religion, because she can flaunt her cupcake funbags and its totally cool.

It seems Katy Perry has hit a learning curve when it comes to being a hypocrite. Still, she is super fashionable and so totally lovable.