Katy Perry And Russell Brand Must Be Getting Married Soon, Right?

I know we’ve heard tell of Katy Perry and fiance Russell Brand getting married sometime in October, but we’ve still yet to know where they are getting married or any of the specific details because they lie about them all the time.

The couple were seen in a Twitpic today sitting outside Elvis Prseley’s old home, Graceland. Russell tweeted, “Mum, have moved to the South and made friends with a lovely little couple. Send condoms.”

Perry then posted the picture, only saying, “We’ve relocated…”

Rumors of the wedding ceremony include it taking place in India, where Brand proposed earlier in the year. However, because of his arrest in LA last week, hey may not be able to leave the country. And just last week she was seen in Vegas with BFF Rihanna for a bachelorette party so the big day can’t be that far off…