Katy Perry and Russel Brand U-Hauls Next Top Model

While sucking on a lollipop not made of her hubby-to-be Russel Brand’s magic love wand (because however funny he may be to get her, that thing has got to made of magic if HE got HER say yes to saying “I do”. GOT TO BE.) Katy Perry Strikes a few cute poses while shopping for home furnishings out in West Hollywood this Saturday, before heading out to Las Vegas for a performance at the Haze in Aria at MGM’s City Center, where she rocked out for her Waking Up in Vegas party.

After just officially announcing their engagement this past Tuesday, it seems pretty fast that they would be buying housewares.  Could it be that they are already living together?  Or are they officially lesbians now and have that U-Haul truck ready on reserve??