Katy Perry and Russell Brand Do Easter

I don’t think I’ll ever see Russell Brand as sexy, but I’m happy for Katy Perry that she does. The two have been pretty much inseparable since they met filming Bring Him To The Greek in September of last year and were quickly engaged four months later.

On Sunday they held an Eater Party at their home continuing their cutesy-coupley life together. A source told People that the two were all over each other. “They kept kissing and were super affectionate,” said the source.

A traditional Easter bunny came to entertain the kids and Katie created her own bunny costume with a bikini, tie-dye top, jean shorts and ears. Going an entirely different direction Russel cheerfully showed off his lion head belt buckle which, I don’t know, maybe has something to do with Easter in that crazy place called England. Jonah Hill, Brand’s Bring Him To The Greek costar was one of the guests at the party.