Katy Perry: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

I’m beginning to really like Katy Perry’s odd sense of latex-loving style. I know, weird.

But really, with a killer body like that she should embrace all her God given assets. Plus, she’s got great taste in leading men.

No, not her husband-to-be Russell Brand. I meant her “Teenage Dream” leading man, Josh Kloss. That is all American goodness like no other!

As for what she’s wearing tonight on the 2010 MTV VMA red carpet, although there is nothing chic about how its put together, I like the play of nude, black and white. Those white ruffles could’ve been better incorporated though.

Nonetheless, this is much better than her blue wig at the MTV Movie Awards. One step up for Katy Perry! YAY!

Katy received two MTV VMA nominations for “California Girls” in Best Female Video and Best Pop Video.

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