Katy Perry’s Label Questions Breaking Michael Jackson’s Record

August 24th, 2011 // 8 Comments

To dethrone the prince of pop, Michael Jackson, or to not dethrone the prince of pop? That is the question that Katy Perry‘s record label is debating when it comes to releasing a sixth single off her Teenage Dream album.

The happily married bitty to husband Russell Brand recently broke the record for having five #1 singles in the Billboard Pop Songs chart thanks to her latest single, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” which was estimated to play 12,000 times between Aug. 2 and Aug. 13!

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With VO work to compliment pink hair and celebrity power couples in her audience, Perry (seen here performing live at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis Missouri as part of her California Dreams Tour) and her record label are in no rush to release single #6.

“We want to savour five right now, but in the world of Katy, you never know,” said Capitol’s Greg Thompson to Billboard.

Perhaps everyone will be singing a different tune come Sunday, when MTV airs the Video Music Awards and we find out if Perry secures those nine VMA nods she received.

By Samantha Eng

  1. Jim

    Ummmm he’s the King of Pop you idiots

  2. Robert

    Firstly, Katy Perry did not break Michael Jackson’s record, she tied it. Secondarily, she did so by discounting her single to .69 cents and releasing a remix of the song with Missy Elliott which was counted towards the chart points for the original single. Michael Jackson never had to resort to these types of chart manipulations to establish his record: he set the record with talent and unparalleled popularity which still persists all over the world even after his death. Katy Perry being mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jackson underscores everything that is wrong with the music industry today and likely proves that payola is alive and well in the record business. It would be hard to imagine that Katy Perry will be remembered 30 years from now but there is no question Michael Jackson certainly will be.

  3. Maestra

    What a Joke! Here’s the thing, even if Katy does release that 6th single and breaks Michael’s record, it STILL won’t make her the GENIUS he is.
    In fact, I think the industry must be pretty hard up if she’s the best they have to offer. Sure, she may have all of the pimple-faced 12 year olds screaming along with her Autotuned CRAP, but let’s see where she is 39 years from now, which is how long Michael’s career in Music has endured.
    And for the record, the only reason why her label is considering whether or not to go for breaking Mic hael’s record is because they know it will turn most of Michael’s HUGE fanbase against her, and force the rest of the country to realize how GENERIC her music is. I totally agree with Linda Perry on this one!

  4. William

    Who’s Kathy Perry?

  5. HR

    even if she does break it i’d like to see her get the world record for most successful entertainer of all time, and best selling album of all time. She will never dethrone the KING of Pop

  6. Debbie

    Michael Jackson owns that record. And by the way, what’s with “Prince of Pop”…??? MJ is King.

  7. Tammy

    There’s no dethroning the REAL DEAL! Who are these fools trying to fool?

  8. Sandeep Sarkar

    First of all I want to say that Michael Jackson is the king of pop. He is the successfull entertainer of all time according to guiness world records. He holds Guiness world record for the king of charity. His Thriller album is the world’s biggest selling album of all time , Katy Parry can tie Michael Jackson but never break him, Because BEAT ME HATE ME YOU CAN NEVER BREAK ME. If you want to know that who is famous Michael Jackson or Katy Perry the answer is Michael Jackson. Every person knows about Michael Jackson, but people don’t know who is KATY PERRY? Michael Jackson holds multiple Guinness worlds records and 13 Grammy awards. Think of him if he stiil alive then what would have? then he would break all the records including his own album THRILLER.

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