Katy Perry’s Boobs Too Big For The Troops?

November 18th, 2010 // 7 Comments

The new posters for VH1′s Divas Salute the Troops were released and it seems that Katy Perry‘s boobage was reduced because people thought her cleavage was just too much.

Um, I dare you to ask the troops and see if they agree.

“Her team thinks her boobs look too big,” a source tells Us. The mag claims that VH1 downsized Perry’s chest in the pic and while I personally think they still look fabulous, I’d like to see the before & after.

The concert will be held at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego and hosted by Kathy Griffin, and will be joined by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Nicki Minaj, Sugarland, Keri Hilson and Paramore. The show will air December 5 on VH1. Can’t wait!

By Justin Thompson

  1. kay

    Wonder if Kathy Griffin will spout her anti American liberal tripe in an arena full of Marines!!??

    • Considering how many times she’s visited the troops abroad, I’m sure Kathy realizes that they want and need jokes, not more political rhetoric from either side.

    • billp

      The troops know full well the emptiness and stupidity of jingoistic knee-jerk patriotism and as before will enjoy Griffin’s skewering of such.

  2. Guest
    Commented on this photo:


  3. Jay B. Borne

    Aw … come on. Everybody in the world has seen Katy Perry’s boobs dozens of times. Troops probably know from memory how they look. These are guys who spend most of their time surfing porn, anyway, on taxpayers’ dime. (Fighting doesn’t happen that often. )What are nearly naked boobs from a here today-gone tomorrow singer?

  4. Kijo

    They’re really, really, REALLY not that big. They’re lovely, but not the monstrosities these articles make them out to be. Man up.

  5. mike

    its true ..everyone likes big boobs ..but theres a limit..perfect size is handful or slightly bigger hers are just too big almost like a fat girls tits id much rather have b cup than d cup

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