Katy Perry vs. Female Flight Attendants

Allegedly, Katy Perry is leery of female flight stewardesses. Sources claim that the music sensation is jealous of the previous Mile High flings her husband, Russell Brand, used to entertain.

Apparently, in his pre-Katy Perry days, Mr. Brand dated a stewardess named Erika Parandine. She dumped him 11 months into their relationship once she learned that he was also canoodling with two of her flight colleagues. Pretty much, Russell had a preference for female flight attendants (which really isn’t all that surprising considering his kinky antics).

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But really… is someone actually claiming that one of the most sexy, confident women in the world is insecure about women flight attendants?! I don’t buy into it. Crazy rumors aside, check out the cute pictures above of Russell and Katy on a romantic bike ride in NYC!