Katy Perry Sans Makeup: Gas Station Tragedy

You put out some catchy tunes, Katy Perry, but you need to rethink the hair and wardrobe choices you make.

Russell Brand’s ball-and-chain made a pitstop at a Los Angeles gas station for some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos before hopping back into a waiting limo.  Dressed in a sleeveless…something with a mesh/fringe lining, Perry was two sleeves short of a housecoat.

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Perry’s been tweeting a bit about the particular flavor lately, so it’s only natural that she replenish.  Yesterday she wrote, “Okay it’s 4am & I’m tweeting whilst eating flaming hot cheetos. I am losing my marbles. Thanks for the Q’s. Hopefully it was fun for u!!!” and today it was: “TOTES @RogueSailor: @katyperry Kitty 2012 Purry, I think Flaming Hot Cheetos could be turned into a natural energy source #FlamingHotKatyCat”

And don’t even get me started on the hair.  Is she trying to make it fall out?  Really bad idea to put your locks through the coloring ringer like that.  We’ll give you a pass on the lack of makeup, but only if you’re wearing sunscreen.