Katy Perry Puts Some Clothes On For Harper’s Bazaar

Katy Perry dressed up for the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar, wearing some uncharacteristically classy clothes in the fashion mag. Katy wore tailored suits and prim white dresses for the shoot, but talked about her sexy, bad girl side in the interview.

“I’m kind of a good girl, —and I’’m not,”” Perry says. “”I’’m a good girl because I really believe in love, integrity, and respect. I’’m a bad girl because I like to tease. I know that I have sex appeal in my deck of cards. But I like to get people think­ing. That’s what the stories in my music do.” Wait, isn’t her music just about getting into her pants?

On that note, she also talked about new husband Russell Brand: “I always knew I wanted a great man of God, someone who was going to be an inspiration for people and also be a lovely husband and father,”” she says. “”He’’s thought-provoking, articulate, a real advocate. I also definitely wanted to have a laugh. I have all that in him.””