Katy Perry Purrs “Buy My Perfume”

Seems the honeymoon is over for Katy Perry who is getting back to work like gangbusters. Today the singer launched her new perfume, ‘Purr,’ causing a standstill on Oxford Street in London.

Thousands of fans gathered to get a glimpse of the newly married 26-year-old, who wore a bright purple satin dress by Miu Miu and spent hours greeting fans and signing perfume boxes for the first 100 customers.

‘Purr’ is Perry’s first fagrance and is all things kitty – the bottle being shaped like a kitten and the advertising campaign showing her dressed as Catwoman in a seductive pose. (We even asked if you think she should just do a nude spread).

She’s just another celebrity who has put out a fragrance. Because apparently that’s what you do once you hit a certain level of success. Have you bought a celebrity fragrance? Whose?

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