Katy Perry Plays Pin-Up On The Cover of ‘Vanity Fair’

Katy Perry looks almost naked in a champagne-colored bustier on the June cover of Vanity Fair , shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.  The higher Perry’s star rises, the more we like her.  She chatted with VF about being famous and the religious upbringing that made her run in the opposite direction.

Perry says she did not have a childhood because her parents ran a tight (and uber-religious) ship.  “I come from a very non-accepting family, but I’m very accepting,” Perry explained.  She was not allowed to make any mention of the devil, and Planned Parenthood was referred to as the “abortion clinic.”  These days, although Perry and her parents don’t see eye-to-eye, they’ve all learned to co-exist.  “I think sometimes when children grow up, their parents grow up,” Perry said.  Her mother, Mary Hudson penned a tell-all book about Perry’s upbringing.

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Perry works her ass off these days because she knows that how important it is to strike while the iron’s hot, explaining:

I don’t take anything for granted,” she says. “There are 500 other girls right behind me. And I know that, because I was one of them. I remember what it’s like to be someone who’s always trying to get there—sending out tons of e-mails … trying to connect with some person who could connect me with some other person. And I wouldn’t be working at this pace now if I didn’t truly know that fame is fleeting.”

The June issue of Vanity Fair hits national newsstands May 10th (New York and L.A. May 5th).