Katy Perry On The March Cover Of ‘Elle’

I like Katy Perry.  She’s got spunk and catchy lyrics that make you go “awwwww, that’s so cute.”  The Teenage Dream singer graces the cover of next month’s Elle looking colorful and sultry.  Did you know Perry wanted to look like Kate Moss in her younger years?  To think, all that cleavage gone to waste.  What I like about Perry is that she’s willing to put in the work to be a star.  She was as broke-ass as the rest of us dreamers at one point. Perry told the fashion glossy,

“It’s important to be relatable and normal. And I think that what helps with that, for me, is that I had the rug pulled out from underneath my feet so many times. It was like, ‘Listen up, bitch, you’re not going to get served this on a silver platter—you’ve got to work for it!’ I don’t feel like I can act like an entitled bitch yet! I still have so much to prove.”

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What do you think of Perry’s cover look?  Doesn’t she look fantastic?  The circus-themed photographs in the magazine are gorgeous and eccentric, just like Perry.  Check out her interview below with Elle creative director/The City’s Palermo ass-kisser Joe Zee.