Katy Perry Looks Gorgeous & Gets A Special Kiss At UK Premiere Of ‘Part Of Me’ [PHOTOS]

Aww! Well looks like Katy Perry has found herself an English bloke to replace Russell Brand.

Katy looks absolutely amazing at the red carpet premiere of her film Part Of Me. She dazzled in a short, cream dress with gold embroidery. She’s really upped her game when it comes to dressing for the red carpet. This outfit and the one she wore to the L.A. premiere are both amazing.

Apparently the singer looked so lovely that some folks just couldn’t keep away! That seems to have been the case with Katy’s littlest fan there, a young boy who made sure to steal a kiss from the singer. Katy Perry would be one of those people to let whoever wants give her a peck. She’s done it before and I’m sure she’ll do it again. 

Sadly, this little boys dreams of ever being Katy’s man have been dashed since she started dating Robert Ackroyd.

Also, this dark purple hair is so much better than her weird bright blue hair, do you agree? Check out all the photos from the premiere in the gallery. Any of you lovely folks make it out there and get a picture with the songstress? Let us know in the comments!