Katy Perry Kisses Another Shirtless Fan Onstage And Pinches Hit Nipple [PHOTOS]

Katy Kisses A Fan
Katy Perry makes a boy's night by giving him a kiss onstage!
Last night (January 22) Katy Perry brought up another shirtless fan on stage during her show in Manilla, Philippines and gave him a kiss. The was twist, instead of cupping his breast, she pinched his nipple.

The funny part of this is that she’s done this during all of her concerts during the tour. Interesting that this is only being focused on now. She even mentions this fact on Twitter:

Btw, I have *kissed* 1 boy, picked randomly out of the audience, on the cheek as a part of my show for all 125 tour dates. Simmer down now.

The newly single 27-year-old wore a pink floor-length sequin gown and a feather boa while performing. If there was any hope of reconciliation between Perry and her estranged husband Russell Brand, she dashed all hopes of that when she unfollowed him on Twitter. However, Brand is still following her.