Katy Perry & Her Blue Hair Enjoy Fashion Week, Harvey Weinstein Wants Her

Katy's Giant Flower
Katy wears quite the bizarre head piece.
Katy Perry's Cleavage
50 pics of Perry displaying the girls
Hey guys look! Katy Perry decided to cover up today. The singer, who was spotted a few days ago wearing a very interesting, underwear-revealing dress, decided to go for a more conservative look as she headed to the Viktor & Rolf show at Paris Fashion Week. I’m absolutely in love with her jacket. How fun would it have been if her hair was the same dark blue? Matching!

A fabulous coat and fashion week aren’t all that’s happening in Katy’s life. According to Huffington Post, producer Harvey Weinstein is really hoping to nab Katy for a biopic about Britain’s Got Talent winner, Paul Potts. Remember Paul? He was the opera singer who worked at Carphone Warehouse. This isn’t the first time Harvey has wanted Katy. Last year it was rumored he wanted her to play Marilyn Monroe in a stage version of My Week with Marilyn

What do you guys think about the idea of Katy Perry: Movie Star? Could be interesting. Leave us your thoughts in the comments and make sure to check out her fabulous coat in the gallery!