Katy Perry Helps Deliver A Baby In A Living Room, Because She’s Katy Perry

Katy Perry appears in Interview Magazine.
Katy & John
Katy Perry & John Mayer grab dinner together.
Don’t call the midwife, call Katy Perry!

In case you somehow missed this highly entertaining story, Katy–pop princess, fashion icon, former lover of John Mayer–helped deliver a baby. In a living room.

Katy shared the news on Twitter last night. 

While Katy didn’t say exactly whose baby she helped deliver, reports suggest that it was her sister, Angela Hudson’s baby. Oh, and here’s a Hudson/Perry fun fact for you guys, Socialite Life actually interviewed Katy’s little brother, Hudson. And he’s pretty cute.

Chances are, Katy’s new niece or nephew will be pretty cute as well. So, would you ever help anyone deliver a baby at home? It’s becoming quite commonplace these days. Personally, I don’t think I could handle it. Think of all that blood you’re gonna have to clean up afterwards.