Katy Perry Gives Photographers The Bird, Catches A Movie With Friends [PHOTOS]

Isn’t it fun to see Katy Perry with normal clothes and only a minimal amount of make up?

The songstress was spotted in Hollywood over the weekend catching a movie with some friends at the Arclight Hollywood. Katy was fitting in so well among the crowd, she ever got offered free movie passes for a preview screening. Imagine sitting down to watch a preview of something and Katy shows up in the focus group with you.

Luckily there was no Katy upskirt accident. Also, am I the only person in the world who didn’t know that Katy smokes? Doesn’t she know that’s going to kill her voice? Although she and her friends really seem to be enjoying it. You know what else Katy really seems to enjoy?

Flipping off the paparazzi. After heading out of the movie theatre on her way home, Katy smiled for fans and photographers before getting into her car. Once there, she let her true feelings be known to the paparazzi by giving the legendary middle finger. It’s really the best.

I’m quite a fan of Katy’s normal look. The floral dress is adorable and it’s fun seeing her with neutral lipstick. Check out all the photos of Katy’s outing in the gallery. How do you guys feel about celebs flipping off paparazzi? Think they have a right to do it? Think they should keep it inside? Sound off in the comments!