Katy Perry Dines With Robert Ackroyd, Calls Prince Harry A “Hot Ginger”

Diamond Jubilee Concert
Elton John and Cheryl Cole sung for Her Majesty.
Katy Perry went out to dinner with Florence + The Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd tonight (June 7th) in London, the same fella she was snuggling up to in April at the Coachella Music Festival.  Perry taped a segment on The Graham Norton Show earlier (airing tomorrow night on BBC1 in the UK), yukking it up with fellow guests Cheryl Cole and comedian Ross Noble.

Perry egged Cole on when Norton mentioned Prince Harry and his recent admission that he, the dashing Windsor, “fancies” the Girls Aloud singer.  Both girls made telephone gestures, telling him to give Cole a call.  Perry supported the union and called Harry a “hot ginger.”

Cole talked about the Diamond Jubilee concert and how she had to instruct Will.i.am on the proper way to behave in front of the Queen.  “I actually had to warn him,” she told Norton.  “He had the phone out at the stage. I had to warn him: ‘Put that phone away right now before I kill you.'”