Katoria Hit Spago

February 27th, 2007 // 10 Comments

(Mavrix Photo)

We have decided to christen BFF Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham as Katoria. We just figured that they needed a nickname since Posh is moving to the states, and they are apparently going to be hanging out quite often from now on. Their latest outing took them to Spago.

(Mavrix Photo)

More photos of Katoria leaving Spago after the jump.

(Mavrix Photo)

By Jessica Marx

  1. Ldysunfyre

    I had a bad case of Katoria once. Tetracycline cleared it right up.

  2. Nechyfer

    I not sure about Katoria, maybe Kateosh?

  3. Kelly Rummelhart

    How about “Whogivesaf@#k” . . . . I love all the other celebs on this site but gosh, Posh bores me to tears!

  4. Yep!

    With those two, it’s more like KATATONIC! There’s not a whole personality between the two of them.

  5. Firecrotch

    Here in the UK, they’ve already been christened PoshKat. And you know, everyone’s being rather unfair to Posh aka Mrs V Beckham. I mean, how many women can you say
    1. Have wealth and success in their own right
    2. Have 3 children
    3. Keep making an effort to earn without sponging off her husband
    4. Was saintly (or perhaps stupid) enough to stay together with her husband after he cheated on and humiliated her in such a public and classless way?

    In any other world, we would be hailing her qualities. But apparently, because she’s skinny, rich and has a tendency to pout rather than smile, she deserves a public bashing. Jealousy and insecurity on people’s parts, methinks.

    Now, about Katie – she obviously needs rescuing! :)

  6. maureen

    Should have been VICTOLMES, like fashion victolmes, or victolmes of society, or…you get it

  7. Peach

    Yep!, get a clue. Whether you like her or not, Posh has a killer wit, even though she always looks pouty – check it out:

  8. Mel

    Never liked her much until I saw her on video. She has a sparkling wit, very funny – and believe it or not, very down to earth!

    I would ask that if you think you don’t like her – check her out on vid and then comment on her “personality”. She’s got it in Spades.

    Go VB!

  9. hubert

    It’s clear that they have lots in common…like gay husbands
    Katoria? VeeKat? ViKat? Bleech

  10. JD

    Whoever thought Posh Spice and little Joey Potter would be hanging out, dining at Spago. There is something to be said about reinventing yourself, too bad real people can’t do it as easily as celebrities…

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