Katie’s Dad Says He’s Crazy About Tom

November 28th, 2006 // 5 Comments

In an effort to dispel any gossip to the contrary, Katie Holmes’ dad stated his approval for his daughter’s new husband at their rehearsal dinner. Hollywood.com has the details:

The lawyer praised Cruise’s emotional openness and said he was pleased to be entrusting his “little girl” to “the right guy” during his speech at the 17th century Villa Aurelia, near Rome. He gushed, “Tom expressed his love in many different ways–obviously he wanted the whole world to know how much he loved Katie. I like that. I respect men who are not afraid to show their true feelings. I respect Tom for the commitment he had made to provide happiness and love to Katie.”

Well, that could be true, or he could have thought that the “wacko marrying my daughter actually worships aliens” toast might have been the weaker choice for the occasion.

Many more photos from Tom and Katie’s wedding after the jump.

Holmes’ Dad Slams Marriage Disapproval Rumors [Hollywood.com]

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. http://www.zerointerrupt.com

    “Tom expressed his love in many different ways–obvious…”


  2. Cheesy

    You know, with all that money, all those clothes, that wonderful castle in romatic Italia, COULDN’T TOM HAVE AT LEAST BRUSHED HIS FRIGGIN’ HAIR?

    Tom’s bad hair day goes well with his pained look of “my girdle is too tight.”

  3. With a small change in punctuation your headline could reflect the actual story:

    Katie’s dad says, “he’s crazy!” about Tom.

  4. KittyLiterati

    Of course, all that is quite easily said ever since Xenu decided to fund Daddy Holmes’s retirement package.

  5. ifyousayso

    i went to the trouble of logging in solely to say that OldWiseOne is a friggin genius!

    that was hysterical!!

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