Katie, You Bettah Work!

Ms. Couric (if you’re nasty) has recently started dating a man, 17 years her junior–and she couldn’t be happier. Katie met Brooks Perlin, an entrepreneur in the green construction marekt, at a cancer fund-raiser in Manhattan this past fall. Initally, Couric was concerned about their age difference (She’s 50 and he’s 33), but their compatibility seems to have been able to get Katie past any concerns over age.

“Perlin is a nice guy,” says Couric’s friend. “He’s extremely smart. He’s honest. He doesn’t play games. He’s sweet. Normal. Really grounded. It’s a drama-free relationship.”

Adds the pal: “They do the same things any new couple would do. They sometimes stay in and watch movies. They go on trips. … They spend a lot of time together, considering how busy they both are.”

Good for Katie. It just makes biological sense that women date younger men, because hello, we live longer. That’s why my boyfriend is fourteen. Ha! Just kidding, Chris Hansen! You can take me out of your speed dial. Seriously. I’m sorry.

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