TomKat Celebrate Suri’s 2nd Birthday By Not Separating


Suri Cruise shared a tender moment with her father while patiently trying to explain to him that a turkey baster, a sperm sample, a Sonogram machine and jumping on Oprah’s couch do not a healthy relationship make. But eventually, she lost interest and simply hoped that one day he’d be old enough to understand why she and mommy had to go bye-bye.

After In Touch reported that Katie Holmes is planning her big escape from her confining marriage to Tom, Katie’s reps are denying any such rumors and calling them “absolutely false.”

Katie’s mouthpiece recited dutifully, “She and her husband enjoy a close and loving relationship,” in an effort to distract Tom and the media long enough for Katie to tuck and roll out of the bedroom window with Suri in her arms and into the windowless van scheduled to drive by her compound at exactly the time when Tom is the midst of his daily pilates class.

I’d be able to believe her denial more if these picture of her and Suri weren’t so evocative of Not Without My Daughter. Do I see Sally Field lurking, out-of-focus somewhere in the bushes? I hope so.