Katie and Peter Upgrade Their Bodies

April 24th, 2008 // 1 Comment

When these two aren’t shopping for kicky matching tops, toting their chicken pox-infected baby through Beverly Hills or pretending to give oral sex, then they’re getting in shape! And by “getting in shape,” I mean that Pete’s been working with an ex-marine trainer to help lose the pudge he’s put on in recent months while Kate plans new and exciting plastic surgeries. According to Andre, “Forget liposuction and steroids, I like good old-fashioned Rocky-style training.”

Meanwhile, Katie knows that the best way to distract from a less-than-toned physique is (all together now) BOOBS! Yay! Big boobies fix everything! Well, Katie is actually planning on downsizing her ta-tas and stopped in for a consultation for a second breast reduction at a Beverly Hills surgeon’s office yesterday. She said of the look she’s hoping to attain, “I want to go a lot smaller. More pert. More stuck-on looking.” I’m pretty sure I could help her achieve that with two orange halves and some Krazy Glue. And for only $10,000, my services are a bargain.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. sexy

    Basically Katie Price wants the same breasts that Victoria Bechham has. It’s funny how Katie is always thrashing Victoria but envys her breast. Katie don’t you ever think that you are more beautiful than Victoria or even beautiful for that matter. Your husband should tell you about yourself. How can I expect that if he doesn’t even know about his queer ass self.

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