Katie Price Has Shed No Tears Over Peter Andre Breakup

Katie Price has obviously wasted no time in her attempts to get over her ex-husband, Peter Andre. She’s moved on quite quickly with her new boyfriend, Alex Reid, who has been spending quite a bit of time with Katie and her children.

Andre has expressed his annoyance at Reid’s closeness with his children so soon after the divorce. To this, Katie responded by saying, “He [Andre] didn’t complain when he got out the [I’m A Celebrity] jungle and was involved in my life and Harvey was there straight away and he was introduced to Harvey.”

Additionally, Katie is putting on a defensive front about how she’s grieving the end of her relationship. “There’s no heartache to get over, I just knew in my head I’m a strong girl,” she says. Katie adds, “What have I got to cry about? I have got a great life, great kids, I enjoy my horses. I can’t complain so I don’t need to cry?”

God love her, she probably couldn’t cry if she wanted to. She probably had her tear ducts removed to help bulk up the saline boobs.

Gallery Info: Katie Price visits the gym with her boyfriend Alex Reid.