Katie Price Continues Her Regular Dosage Of Retail Therapy

July 17th, 2009 // Leave a Comment

Comforting herself in the wake of her crumbling marriage, Katie Price is taking a break from partying with the boys to stock up on some more skimpy outfits. She’s back on the market, boys! And mama needs a new pair of gold lame booty shorts, if she’s going to find Mr. Right by next fall!

The reality TV star hit up The Grove in Los Angeles on another shopping spree, accompanied with several friends and some police. Or knowing Katie, it could just be some hot cops they hired. Just wait till their instincts kick in and the tear-away pants are history.

Afterwards, Price nibbled on some lunch. Hmm, not offering free exposure to chicken pox to other customers today? Weird.

Gallery Info: Katie Price
shops at The Grove in Los Angeles and lunches at The Ivy.

By Lisa Timmons

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